How to avoid adverse side effects of the drugs?

It is recommended to start the treatment at a low dose of a single drug (monotherapy). In this way it may be assessed if the given drug caused the desired effect and does it give any adverse effects. Many preparations (including the new generation agents) exert their effects slowly, in a few days or even weeks. Patiently wait for the effect. Lack of an effect is an indication to increase the dose (generally 2 x), but keep in mind that increasing the dose increases also the adverse side effects. Therefore, the lower the dose of the drug the lower the probability of an appearance of side effects. In some cases, it is more beneficial to take two different medications at lower doses than one at a maximum dose. The drug should be carefully adjusted to each patient, because an inappropriate or incorrectly combined drug may cause side effects. The biggest percentage of patients who continue the treatment has been observed in the chronic long term use of calcium antagonists and inhibitors of convertase.

The patient should precisely follow the recommendations of the physician when taking the medication. Other additional agents (such as anti-pain medication, laxatives, sleeping pills, etc.) are to be taken only when absolutely necessary. They may affect the action of the anti-hypertension drugs. The leading physician should be informed about all other drugs which are taken simultaneously.

Professor Asked on July 20, 2015 in Health.
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