Which of the drugs is best, which one should be selected?

Diuretic drugs – acting via the kidneys increase the elimination of sodium and water which leads to their decreased amounts in the body, causing a reduction in blood pressure.    Beta adrenolytic drugs – affect many mechanisms that regulate blood pressure, they primarily protect the heart against the excitatory effect of substances produced at the local nerve endings, consequently decreasing the impact of the nervous system upon the heart and blood vessels. For that reason these drugs reduce the frequency of the heart beats, reduce the strength of heart’s contractions and cause a lowering of the blood pressure.

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Calcium antagonists – constitute a diverse group of drugs that lower the blood pressure, stop the passage of calcium into the muscle cells that regulate the tension in the walls of the arteries. Reduction in calcium content in the vicinity of these cells causes a dilation of the tiny arterioles and lowers the blood pressure.

   Inhibitors of convertase – stop the balancing of angiotensin, a substance that increases blood pressure, which dilation of the arterioles and lowering of blood pressure.

Antagonists of the AT1 receptor – inhibit the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system by blocking the AT1 receptor for angiotensin II, as a result this causes a drop in blood pressure and prevents hypertension-related organ complications.

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